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Light strip

Colaboración: AS/D Asociación de Diseño

Diseño: Fernando Velasco, Gerardo Emmanuel, Nuria Lízbeth

Render: Black Polygon, Jorge Yañez (AS/D)

Lugar: Silicon Valley, California, Estados Unidos

Área de intervención: 70,000 m2

Tipo: Comercial, cultural, espacio público

Año: 2020

Light strip was inspired upon two values that represent Silicon Valley throughout an infinite pedestrian path.

The first value is innovation related to the evolution infinite where the process can reach highs and lows in order to finally evolve achieved through this, an iconic structure that represents the technological advances which moves at great speed such as the light, correlated to an intricate way of a temporal symbol that transforms by creating in a way a continuous light strip and culminate at its peak on an overlooking platform a sublime place where one can observe the overall context getting a much broader perspective.

The second value is the revolution linked to its community which is capable of changing the standards that have been established to trespass geographical boundaries like an epicenter that provokes and the social progress where the program can be discovered throughout a path and urban identity derived by its diverse of cultural, social and sport activities.

The site design is imagined as a three-dimensional ribbon that’s capable of expanding or thinning in size as it extends or covers ground on the existing program and series of activities. A pedestrian path that can gather all activity and interweave the entire area through one element. This programmatic path engages and connects the visitor as well as elevates the user to a higher segment of the strip to be able to view the city skyline and admire the parks continuous strip of light.

Light strip has considered various systems in the help to achieving a net-zero park by implementing 5 principles:
1. On site renewable energy
2. Reduce the energy demand
3. High efficiency heating and cooling
4. Use of rain water
5. Commissioning plan

We be place sun roof tiles with new technology deployed throughout on both vertical slides, maximizing efficiency and gain solar energy for convert to power the parks strip. The use of qr5 small scale wind turbines throughout the park’s paths allow to gain energy through wind, movement as well as using the river current to also implement river turbine will help in generating more energy.

Rainwater surfaces along the park, as well as surfaces and lookout slanted walls can collect water to a retention pond and allow for an irrigation system.

By reducing the energy and tracing out plans for monitoring, we can consider the idea of a net zero neighborhood and park.

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